Sunday Funday

So I grew up in Raleigh. Way south Raleigh. Man, I remember dreaming of moving away. I mean really, what is there to do in this town?! be young. As I have grown, so has Raleigh. I wasn't driving myself around exploring all the local shops and wine bars back when I was ten so I can't be certain that Raleigh wasn't always this cool, but I'm pretty darn sure of it. I'm so pleased to see how the shop local movement has become so big here and inspired more and more entrepreneurs to open up shop in our area. 

This Sunday we spent the day walking around a bit and hit up a few places on my list of "need to visit this summer" shops and bars. Seriously, so many new places have opened I needed to create a list. I'm weird like that. 

We started off in Videri. This isn't new to us. We just really like it. The chocolate is divine and they create some of their own syrups for coffee. Ever tried a lavender latte?? Do it. Here I am just relaxing on the streets of Raleigh with my oat milk vanilla latte.

Next up, Gypsy Jule. Oh my goodness! I knew I was going to like this place based on their instagram page but I was not prepared for how much I was going to love it. Seriously, I had to use a ridiculous amount of self-control to stick to my budget and not blow all my money in here. Because I easily could do that. Galvanized lettering, wood wall shelves, candles, lace dresses, boots, quote tees, I loved it all. You can bet I will be back for many more things but I started with this "eat" sign for the kitchen. We're in the process of a DIY kitchen remodel but it will be perfect above the cabinets in a few weeks (or months) when it is all finished.

We turned the corner on the same block and found Port of Raleigh. Imagine, if you will, an upscale Ikea. Tons of bright, clean lines. They have some cute plant stands I'll most likely be back for and some really cute tea towels that I will definitely be back for. Actually they have lots of things I'll be back for, who am I kidding? But these are the towels I'm currently swooning over.

Our final stop? A doggie event at Vita Vite. A wine bar and art gallery. Guys, it blows my mind that we've never been before. The porch was perfect. The inside was everything you could hope for when you think art gallery + wine bar. And the menu? Locally sourced bread and chocolate is on it. They really know how to get me. 

There you have it folks. Pretty much the perfect Sunday Funday for this #homestager, #shoplocal addict, and #wino. Hope you all had the perfect Sunday Funday, whatever that may mean to you!