Fall Home Decorating Tips

Summer is almost over and fall is on the way here in Raleigh/Durham NC! With that comes cooler temps, shorter days, pumpkin everything (yum!), changing leaves, and also, fall decorating! Here are some ideas to spruce up your space for the season. 


Add Texture

Think velvet, faux fur, and chunky knits. Thick, warm, soft materials such as these bring a coziness to your space. Items such as pillows and throw blankets are an easy, budget friendly way to incorporate texture. Add some woven baskets for stylish storage. 


Similarly to adding texture, make your space cozy and inviting by layering fabrics such as blankets, drapes, pillows and even rugs. Use items with different textures, patterns and coordinating colors for a pop of visual interest.

Incorporate Fall Colors and Patterns

When I think of fall, I think of patterns like plaid and colors like burnt orange, burgundy, gold, forest green and brown. Bring these colors and patterns in to your space through art and accessories, pillows and blankets. Luckily Target, HomeGoods and even Michael’s makes this extra easy on you!


Bring Outdoor Elements In

Glass vases with stems and greenery from the trees outside, pinecones, leaves, and small gourds are perfect to create a fall inspired feel inside your home. The best part is you can find most of this for free in your own yard! Or enjoy a fall scavenger hunt by going on a family walk.

Do you have any fall decorating tips we haven’t mentioned here? Let us know in the comments!

- Kerri

Product Review: Nuvo Cabinet Paint

As we mentioned in last month’s blog post, we often tell occupied home staging clients that updating their home will help with the sale. One update that has a big visual impact is the cabinets! Now, I’ve already painted our kitchen cabinets when we moved in. That said, recently I have been eyeing some beautiful navy cabinets on Instagram. Alvin was not on board with painting our kitchen cabinets again (who could blame him?!) but the bathroom cabinets were fair game!

There is this product on Amazon that I recommend to our clients who could benefit from a cabinet update but don’t want to (or can’t afford to) install new cabinets or have them professionally painted. It’s called Nuvo Cabinet Paint. It comes in multiple different colors, all of which are currently popular for cabinets and claims you can complete an entire kitchen in a weekend or less. I went with Oxford Blue for a bold look in our small space.

Nuvo Cabinet Paint.jpg

The kit comes with everything you would need, but I already had a ton of painting tools except the paint so I just ordered the single quart. I used our mouse sander on the old cabinets to give the paint a rough surface to cling to. It’s worth noting that the bathroom cabinets had a laminate surface, which made me a bit nervous that the paint would chip right off. You can see below what we started with.


Luckily, the little bit of sanding I did did the trick! In just an hour we had brand new (looking) cabinets! This includes the time I spent sanding and removing the hardware. The paint dried quickly so I was able to apply the second coat as soon as I finished the first one. Based on this timing, it seems completely reasonable to think you could complete a kitchen in a weekend. I’m also happy to report that it has been several weeks since I completed the painting portion of the project and there have been no chips! Ta-Da!!

Since I wanted a more complete updated look, I also added new cabinet pulls. I ordered these ones from Wayfair and LOVE them. I’ve also added them to Atti’s dresser and our bathroom cabinets. Eventually I will be painting our cabinets with the Nuvo paint as well.

Other updates I’ll slowly chip away at are vanity lights, faucet, and new vinyl tile. These are the ones I’m currently eyeing.

If I were to break the costs down it would be:

  1. Paint: $32 (covers both bathrooms)

  2. Knobs: $1.80 a piece, $3.60 total for this bathroom

  3. Floor Tile: $1.20/sf, ~$20 total for this bathroom

  4. Faucet: $56

  5. Vanity Light: $84

  6. Total: $195.60

Overall, not bad! This is a very budget friendly way to give your cabinets and bathrooms a quick update whether you’re planning on listing your home or loving it!