Duke Gardens Picnic

Today Alvin and I celebrated our two year anniversary! It was Memorial Day in 2014 when we decided to make things official. We couldn't ever remember the actual date and while we could look it up (and have) we decided to just have Memorial Day weekend be our anniversary. We must really like the idea because we're getting married on Memorial Day weekend next year. But I digress.

Because there is a good chance we will not be making the trek out to Duke Gardens for a picnic just days after our wedding next year, I took this one pretty seriously. I prepared all week for it. It turned out to be everything I could have wanted in a picnic :)

I found these amazing compostable plates at Port of Raleigh. That's also where the tea towel is from that we used as a miniature picnic blanket for the day. We have a large blanket we normally use but the stonework was too pretty to cover up. The pastries and French loaf bread are from Yellow Dog Bread Company. Cannot recommend highly enough! And true to Alvin's style, the chopped fruit, cheese sampler, and champagne are from Costco.

That's right. Champagne. The Sarah P. Duke Gardens are privately owned and thus alcoholic beverages are allowed. I wouldn't go crazy but we've enjoyed having champagne with our picnics. Look how happy I am with mine!

One day we will leave Sasha at home and go explore the native plants garden. Apparently it is filled with rare plants and animals that are native to the Piedmont area. So cool! But no dogs allowed. So for today we found this quaint gazebo in the Asiatic gardens. We were surrounded by a babbling brook and joined by a singing frog. 

I can't wait until next year!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend. Thank you to those who have sacrificed so much so that we could enjoy the freedoms we exercised today!