NCMA Summer Movie Series

So a couple of weeks ago we went to see a movie at NCMA in the park. But we didn't just go any night. We chose the Mad Max: Fury Road night and it was awesome! They had a costume contest, a punk band, fire spinners, and of course the movie. Oh! And food trucks! Some of whom got into the spirit of things! Check out the photos below. 

Not only did American Meltdown nail the Mad Max look, their sandwiches were on point. Curious where they'll be next? Click here

Cirque de Vol blew my mind with their fire spinning skills. Seriously! I'm scared to use my fireplace sometimes and this group just flung it around like it was no big deal. Interested in seeing them in action? Click here

That last photo is my idea of cosplay. I chose gladiator shoes and an olive romper. I feel like that should count ;) 

But seriously, NCMA did an AMAZING job of throwing this apocalyptic event. Interested in their summer movie series? Then you should click here. They are a few other themed nights, like Big Lebowski that look like fun or you could take the whole family to a Disney film. Hope to see you out there!