Shop Small Saturday: Good JuJu Herbal

         I am so excited to announce the beginning of my blog series, Shop Small Saturday! With this series, I will feature makers and small shops that are either local to the Triangle, NC area or who have online shops such as Etsy that I happen to especially enjoy. It is my hope that through this blog series you will find some cute home items that you just *have* to have and all together we can support small businesses. 

         When thinking who I should start out with, Good JuJu Herbal kept coming to mind. At first I thought I should maybe start with someone else because I have already posted about Good JuJu on my Instagram account a few times. However, I've already posted about this shop a few times because it is SO good. Seriously, I adore the soaps and the owner is just the sweetest! 

         I originally discovered this brand at a pop up event inside a brewery. This is a great way to find local makers in your area! Judith, the owner, was happy to speak with us about why she started making her own soaps and what went into them. She has created a line of soaps which are vegan (I'm mostly vegan so this makes me super happy), made without parabens, sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate or synthetic dyes/pigments. She also notes on her website that all products are tested on human friends only. I would happily volunteer to test out new products! 

         Other wonderful tidbits about Good JuJu is that a portion of the profits are donated to charities on a six month rotation basis. According to their website, they have donated to Conservation International and the Wonders of Wildlife program. Add to this that they are working on making their workshop solar powered and you basically have my dream company! 

          So now that you are absolutely in love with the business, you're about to fall in love with the product! I have always needed to be a bit picky with my soap choices, long before I was a mini hippie. Certain soaps just make my skin break out. Y'all, since using these soaps I haven't had a single issue! And they smell amazing! I wish their was a scratch and sniff feature to their website so you could all see for yourselves! 

         My personal favorite is the felt covered soap because it's not as slippery and I don't end up chasing my soap around the shower. I have also used the exfoliating bar to help get a glowing look. And then the Rose Clay and Geranium bar smells divine. Oh! And I can't forget about their dog soap bar! Yes, my dog is high maintenance and has skin issues as well. This soap is heaven sent! 

        Good JuJu has recently started making gift boxes as well. Spoiler alert! Many of my friends can expect to receive some of these in the future! Who doesn't love giving gifts that give back to the community? If you're now as in love with Good JuJu Herbal as I am, you should click here to check out their website and do a little shopping yourself! You can also find Good JuJu on Instagram to see which local markets they will be at on the weekends. 



If you are interested in being featured in a Shop Small Saturday post, please feel free to reach out to me! I love collaborating with other small businesses!