Updating Your Banister

So the kitchen started this all. I immediately knew I wanted white cabinets. Then I thought we'd get rid of the counters and install butcher block (I love it and it's less expensive than marble). Then I knew we'd need a new backsplash, which will probably end up being glass subway tile. So with that in mind, the oak banister simply would not do. The living room looks into the kitchen and the stairway. I want a cohesive look. 

View from the living room. Just wouldn't do.

View from the living room. Just wouldn't do.

What's a girl to do? Oh right, break out that sander! Remember when I said the DIY kitchen cabinet project wasn't for the faint of heart? That's not the case with the banister project. It was super easy. 

You start by sanding down the banister, just like the cabinets. I used a sander to cover most of the area but this could be done with sanding paper if you don't feel like investing in a sander. We got this one down just far enough to take off the glaze. We chose black paint for the banister so we didn't feel the need to sand too much. Using a dark stain is also a great way to update it. All in all this project only took a couple of hours and cost a whopping $13!! 

Cost breakdown: 

  • $9 HGTV Showcase pint. It was on sale!
  • $4 Krylon matte finishing spray paint

Seriously, though. You can't beat the ROI on this project! Such a great way to update the home whether you're selling and want to appeal to buyers or you just want a change. Interested in those windows turned mirrors? Stay tuned because that DIY project will hit the blog soon!